Central Station – Lübeck

The existing track hall of the main train station in Lübeck is a steel, riveted, half-timbered construction from 1906. Due to the upcoming electrification of the railway line, the station had to be adapted to today’s traffic and safety requirements. Since the existing track hall is a listed building, all necessary constructive measures were planned under the premise of preserving the substance and were therefore kept to a minimum. In the course of the renovation of the central station, the track hall was completely dismantled, sandblasted and the remaining cross section of the individual components was determined.

The remaining cross-section of the profiles after blasting formed the basis for the further structural calculation.

In the first static calculation (“zero statics”), the structural safety and usability of the track hall were first verified on the basis of current technical regulations and with the nominal crosssections of the existing construction. The “zero statics” was used to identify the components that had to be replaced regardless of their condition and were therefore sorted out.

Taking into account the remaining cross sections after blasting, the structural safety and usability of the structure was checked with a new structural analysis. After this calculation, other old components were replaced by new cross sections. The final execution statics represent the documentation of the state shown.

Länge | Breite | Höhe | Gewicht: 144 m | 87,6 m | 7,2 m | 1050