The calculations were carried out during the design for the company Premium Aerotec in Varel. The construction of the lay-up tool consists of the laying form and the support tube.

The support tube is formed by an upper aluminum shell and a lower steel shell. The length of the support tube is supported at regular intervals by stiffening ribs. So-called cones are attached to the front of the support tube, which taper the cross-section and lead to the mounting flanges.

The laying form is formed from mutually perpendicular and orthogonally arranged sheets, which form a kind of support grid. A cover shell, which reproduces the free form, is placed on this support grid.

Section 13 – 14

Length | Width | Height | Weight: 14,2 m | 5,7 m | 3,8 m | 27 t

Section 16 – 18

Length | Width | Height | Weight: 14,8 m | 5,7 m | 5,2 m | 36 t