Ship lift platforms

India Cochin

The platform consists of 18 welded main girders with a center distance of 7.4 m. The cables of the hoisting winches are connected to the end areas of the main girders.The “uprising carrier” and “rail carrier” cross the “main beam”, wherein the upper edges of the intersecting carriers are flush. The crossing points are designed as a welded joint, creating a rigid support grid.

In order to be able to walk on the platform and drive on it with a forklift, it is covered with a 65 mm thick Bongossi plank covering. As a substructure for the covering, five IPE-360 beams are arranged in parallel between two “main beams”. The IPE-360 beams are spanned by the HE-A 600 or HE-A 900 beams.

Payload: 10,920 tons (84 t / m)

Length | Width | Weight: 130 m | 30,8 m | 1.600 t

Germany Roland Werft

The support structure of the lift platform is a support grate. 15 main girders, designed as welded twin girders 2 x IS 2700/450/50/15, span between the shore-side and water-side reinforced concrete spars and are connected at the ends with a winch. The main girders are arranged in the longitudinal direction in a grid of 9.2 m.

In order to safely transfer ship units from land to the lift platform, the platform is locked on the shore side in the upper position with the reinforced concrete spar.

Than the ropes are force-free and the support reactions of the main girders are placed on the reinforced concrete spar.

Payload: 5.920 tons (42 t / m)

Length | Width | Weight: 141 m | 25,0 m |  1.500 t