Framework Structures

Cabin & Cargo Test Rig

The Cabin & Cargo Test Rig is intended to enable tests with different hull cross-sections and to test new cabin and production technologies. Fuselage segments from A320 to A380 can be use, with the maximum length of the fuselage segment being 15 meters. Using the integrated crane systems, it is possible to remove the upper shells of the fuselage segments without dismantling the lower shell.

Length | Width | Height | Weight:  23,0 m | 14,0 m | 10,0 m | 180 t

Scissors table

This project is a steel construction portal for stringer handling.

Length | Width | Height | Weight:  11,5 m | 4,6 m | 7,3 m | 20 t


Boiler frame

The basic structure is created as a frame construction from open steel profiles. The longitudinal bracing is carried out by associations. There are three platforms of inspection and some elevated operator platforms.

Length | Width | Height | Weight:  16,8 m | 10,7 m | 13,3 m | 63 t