Test Rig – A350 Root Joint Demonstrator / VTP Full Scale Test

As part of the development of the Airbus A350, the vertical tail / fuselage connection or the entire vertical tail with rudder is tested. A special device is required for these test tasks, which can be used in succession for both test projects.

The tests begin with the Root Joint Demonstrator (RJD) test, for which a tail section (S19) is loaded with the lower area of ​​the vertical tail box (stub box). After a conversion phase, in which the lower tail unit part is exchanged for a complete tail unit with rudder, the entire rudder unit should be tested with the test loads necessary for approval.

The test stand consists of a half-timbered structure, a bulkhead and inspectionsplatforms. The frame-side base points of the hydraulic cylinders with which the test loads are applied are distributed with unchangeable positions in the device. Inspections are required around the test object and in the fuselage section.

The test object is not installed in flight position. It is positioned rotated around the y-axis so that the rudder swivel axis (RHL) is horizontal.

During the tests, mechanical loads are applied to the vertical tail and at the bearing points of the HTP. The test object is rigidly clamped at the front edge of section S19. The static system corresponds to a cantilever.

Length | Width | Height | Weight: 18,9 m | 8,7 m | 8,7 m | 73 t