Test Rig – Airbus A350 Test of Outer Flap

The test stand is used for various static and dynamic tests on the outer flap of the A350.

The basis of the test stand is a carrier grate made of HE-B 450 profiles. The support grid is supported at eight points. Components such as the platform trolley, the cylinder banks and the platforms are arranged on the support grid.

The platform trolley is connected to the carrier grate via linear guides, which enable the trolley to be moved depending on the flap position.

The wing dummy, a welded box girder with connection points to the test stand and the landing flap, is arranged on the platform truck. Three connection points are formed by the “arms”, which are led directly to the hinge line. The two outer arms can transmit radial actions, the middle arm can also transmit axial actions.

The flap angle is adjusted with two lifting spindles, which are mounted on the side of the wing dummy facing away from the test specimen.

The load-bearing cylinders on which the flap is mounted are arranged on the cylinder banks.

Length | Width | Height | Weight: 13,4 m | 6,3 m | 4,0 m | 60 t