Test Rig – A350 EF3

The test stand is required for tests on the rear fuselage area of ​​the A350.

Basic framework: The basic framework takes into account the requirements for accessibility, assembly and disassembly of the test specimen, the movements of the test specimen during the test and the limitations of the existing infrastructure. It is created as a truss structure from open steel profiles.

Pressure bulkhead: The pressure bulkhead was designed as a steel sheet metal construction. The function of the pressure bulkhead is to seal the front end of the test specimen in a pressure-tight manner. In addition, the test specimen is connected to the test stand via the welding collar. The two levels of the passenger and cargo decks can be accessed via two openings in the pressure bulkhead. Pressure-tight doors are provided as closures for these openings.

Inner truss: The inner truss is made of hollow profiles. The master cylinders for loading the cargo floor are attached to the lower level of the truss, while the master cylinders for loading the passenger floor are attached to the upper level of the truss. In order to be able to examine the test specimen from the inside, inspection platforms and rails for an inspection cart are attached to the framework.

Length | Width | Height | Weight: 27,3 m | 9,5 m | 9,7 m | 150 t