Test Rig – A350 Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Barrel 1B

The test stand is required for structural tests on a fuselage section. The fuselage section should be stressed by hydraulic cylinders and by internal pressure.

The test stand consists of a steel framework with integrated inspection platforms, stairs, a fixed and a movable bulkhead. It is on the one hand an abutment for the hydraulic cylinders, on the other hand a support structure for the fixed bulkhead and the 3 stage levels including stairs.

The fixed and the movable bulkhead are designed as stiffened, quasi rigid disks. With the movable bulkhead, the test loads impressed by hydraulic cylinders are introduced into the fuselage section. The solid bulkhead forwards the resulting internal forces of the fuselage section into the truss structure and thus forms a closed system of forces.

The test stand is statically determined, there are only support forces due to its own weight and traffic loads. The impressed cylinder forces and the internal pressure cause an internal stress state, i.e. no support forces.

Length | Width | Height | Weight: 19,5 m | 9,3 m | 8,7 m | 160 t