Fatigue Check

With regard to the limit state of fatigue, load-bearing components are generally to be designed in such a way that their behavior is sufficiently satisfactory over the entire service life.


Whiffletrees  Substructure and anchoring of robots
Test Rig – Beluga FR91 Press – Frame
Test Rig – Airbus A350 Test of Outer-Flap Test Rig – Beluga XL Multiple Point Junction

Test Rig – A320 Main Landing Gear (MLG) Test Rig – A350 FR94 Test

Test Rig – A350 EF3 Test Rig – A350 Barrel 1B
Test Rig – A350 Rudder Full Scale Test Test Rig – A350 RJD / VTP Full Scale Test
Test Rig – A321 Outboard Flap Tap